We have a strategic, proven process to keep your business’s online presence ahead of the curve. 71-92% of website visits are captured on the first page of Google’s search results. Second-page visits—6%. Our team of specialists work hard to consistently maximize your online presence and boost your website’s traffic.   

Step 1:

Keyword Analysis: Kingspire Media analyzes keywords that are relevant to you, along with the keywords your competitors are using. We build buyer personas by analyzing your customer’s demographics, their search patterns, and user intentions to zero in what your customers want and resultantly, what they see. The final product of this step is a list of potential high-quality keyword phrases to choose from.

Step 2:

Keyword Assignment: Now with the proper information, our SEO team can implement keywords directly into your website. Each page would have a particular focus to maximize your ranking. Kingspire Media implements this process quickly to deliver prompt results. Note that strong SEO work takes time and consistency. 

Step 3:

On-Site SEO Code Optimization: Our strategy for code optimization begins with making sure nothing is broken, glitching or technically wrong with your website. Kingspire Media optimizes your page speed, page titles, meta keywords, and meta descriptions. We also test and confirm that search engines can effectively index your site, all links are followed, and no pages are blocked. Overall, we make sure the backend work behind your content is in perfect condition for search engine indexing and Google’s quality standards.

Step 4:

On-Site Content SEO: Kingspire Media creates and utilizes topic clusters with hyperlinks to relevant pillar and cluster content, bucket brigades to prolong viewer interest, along with other strategies to minimize user bounce rate and maximize time spent on site.