Case Studies

Title: Moterwerks of Dallas

Consumers are frequently turning to social media and the internet to find the services they need instead of the old, traditional methods of advertising.  As the consumer changes, businesses need to change as well. One inspiring story is the Motorwerks of Dallas. They started in January 2017 as a regular auto shop, but business was hard to come by with so much competition.  So they turned to the new way to advertise- online. From March of 2017-March of 2018 they had increased business 527%. Their website and social media gained 3896.46% more traffic over the course of one year. Most business owners dream of one day achieving 100% increases in business, but for Moterwerks in Dallas, this was easily accomplished with a digital marketing team promoting their website and social media.

Title: Hances European

Hance’s European is another story of digital success.  They started working with digital marketing professionals in 2016, and over the next two years, their online visibility increased 348.52%.  They saw consistent gains in customers that increased every two days over two years, and with the help of reputation management services, received over 150 5 star reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars.  They are now in the top ten listings for Google searches. Since 2016 they have reported 1,100 first time customers.

Title: The Power of Digital Marketing

Success stories like Hance’s European and Moterwerks of Dallas demonstrate how powerful digital marketing can be, and how a team of professionals can take a business from small, to the top ten.  Customers will come pouring in because they have seen the 5-star reviews, the professional website, and the quality of service that these auto shops provided. All of this visibility can be attributed to their online presence and the work of a digital marketing team who wants to see them succeed.